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Chapters in several areas throughout the country recognized early on the importance of mentoring young women in the community. The first Zeta group, for high school girls, was nationally organized in the late 1960s. Since then, Zeta Phi Beta has developed a comprehensive youth program for girls ages 4-18.

Lambda Zeta Chapter sponsors the following youth affiliates:

Archonette logo

Archonettes - 14-18 year old youth affiliate. Officially recognized in 1968 as the high school auxiliary. There are over 100 Archonette groups.

Amicette logo

Amicettes - 9-13 year old youth affiliate. Added to the Zeta structure at the 50th Anniversary Boule in 1970 as the junior-high auxiliary. There are presently more than 100 Amicette groups.

Pearlette logo

Pearlettes - 4-8 year old youth affiliate. First proposed in the Southern Region in 1991. At Boule 1994, the national body officially adopted the Pearlettes as the third national youth auxiliary.

Lambda Zeta Chapter's youth groups are very active, participating in a variety of cultural, community service, and personal enrichment activities throughout the year.

Our young ladies reguarly host the following activities:

  • Sub-Debutante Cotillion

  • Mother Daughter Luncheon

  • High Tea

  • Beauty/Spa Days

  • Group Slumber Parties

  • Etiquette and Personal Grooming Workshops 

And much more!


Lambda Zeta Chapter's youth groups are also highly accomplished and award-winning. Each year, they compete in a myriad of competitions at the Southern Region Youth Retreat. Our young ladies come away with top prizes in areas such as stepping, scrapbooking, and the spelling bee!

For more information on how to enroll a young lady in any of our youth groups, please email the Youth Coordinator at

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